Thursday, May 7, 2009

Linnea Aristocrat -living in a viritual world

I'm is a Second Life girl, living in a viritual world. Isn't that great? ;)
What I love the most is having fun. The best place to have fun is at Ambrosia. It's a danceclub, and I really love the people, the music, the fun, the colours.. It's all like magic.. Like a dream. And it's a viritual dream. The dream you live when you're awake..

I've get to know a couple of nice people there. It's Dusty, the Texas-girl, lovely sweet girly that allready has become a good friend. She's so nice. It's also Girly, Leanne, Lorellai, Rat, Ivoni, Cooper and ofcourse the one and only Phil. He's the owner of Ambrosia.

I've got myself a tiny little room. It's my room, and I got to rent it for 150 L$ a week. It's really cheap.

I hope that I get to find myself a job soon. At Ambrosia there si filled up with dancers, so there was no room for more dancers. but it's to be a dancer that is the Second Life dream, so I will keep on looking.

I got myself a really good price for hair. Sale! Really amazing! It's from a store that I have been earlier. Don't remember the name, but its' nice.

Oh! The pics is from when I was dooing the shoots for my profile
xxx Linnea